How To Get Backlinks: The Best Way To Get Backlinks

The first question people ask me when starting search engine optimization is usually, “How do I get backlinks?” or  “Where do I get backlinks?”.  The answer to these questions might be simpler than you think, this only applies If you know how to seo your site with the right SEO tools and acquire links from high authority websites. The authority of the backlink is determined by the back link type, how it is placed within the context, and how many people are linking out from that page.

Where Do I Get Backlinks?Where Do I Start My Backlinks?

Backlinks can range from page rank 0 to page rank 10. Of course, the lower the page rank the lower the inbound quality of the incoming link. This is how to get free backlinks works, they are usually a page rank two or lower.  There are all different types of back links that can be discovered. It’s safe to say the harder the link is to get, the more quality backlink juice it will provide to your website, thus increasing search engine rankings. If you’re looking to get backlinks fast, keep reading.

 There are seven main types of  backlinks that you can acquire across the Internet. Let’s review the different backlink types below.

Backlink Types: Where Do I Get Backlinks?

  1. Blog Commenting Backlinks: Blog commenting links are the lowest quality type of links you can get for your website. This is because blog links are usually abused by spammers to automate the task of link building. Most spammers will write a bunch of gibberish on a page, include a link with anchor text, and blast away to millions of blogs. Most of these blogs that they are posting to don’t even relate to their topic they’re trying to optimize. When posting to blogs, it’s important to do it manually and make sure the link is relevant to your topic.
  2. Forum Links: Forum links are a bit harder to get than block commenting links, but you really have to research the form before you post a backlink to your website. Forum links can be placed in the profile page, or on the form itself. Most forum moderators don’t allow new members to post links so it’s important to build up a reputation with the form you join before you try to aquire a backlink to your website.
  3. Article Directory Backlinks: article directory links are extremely important during the search engine optimization process. You want to make sure you write a very exquisite article on the topic you are trying to rank. Most article directories require a manual review of the article in which you wish to submit. The article you submit must be approved before you acquire any backlinks to your website. There are thousands of article directorys on the web that allow you to submit completely for free, there is also article submission software that helps speed up this process by allowing you to submit your article to thousands of article directories.
  4. Social 2.0 Backinks: Social website links provided act as very authoritative backlinks to your website. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Ning, and YouTube are just some of the example sites that can be used to generate links as well as traffic to your website. It’s imperative to corporate social networking both on page and off page during the search engine optimization process.
  5. RSS Links: These types of backlinks are automatically generated when you post an article, this is also known as a feed. If you don’t have software that automatically parses these types of links into a feed, you can simply sign up at a free RSS links the service and submit your links. I use feed burner because it’s easy to manage my backlinks.
  6. Directory Links: sometimes you will have to pay for a directory backlink, but it may be worth the cost in the long run. You just want to make sure the back link are provided is relevant to your website. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of directories which will feature your link either free or for a small cost.
  7. Spam Links: Don’t go near this type of link, after the latest Google panda update which occurred this year the search engines will notice Spam links and simply not count them or either penalize your website if too many of them are discovered. If you are planning on using these links you might want to invest in seo tools to monitor website changes.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are thousands if not millions of webpages where you get different backlink types. There are also seo tools to monitor website backinks. It’s important to a acquire the how to seo types of links listed above in a mixed combination so it does not leave a footprint leading into your website.  There are a few automated SEO programs that allow you to speed up the process of acquiring both low quality and high quality pr backlinks to your website. These tools allow you to get more backlinks with minimal effort.